We provide all sorts of IT infrastructure consultation that will help you on your business.

Welcome to the
Digital Transformation Era

These days are hard to avoid running a business without having systems For example, POS system, Accounting system, Payroll systems, and many more. In order to run these services for long hour of time, it would typically require a server to run the application, and connect to a network so that users can connect to it and use the application. Therefore, there is always such a need of having proper server and network infrastructure when the business grew to a state that require to use those systems.

In most of the small and medium enterprise (SME) business environment, there is always no in-house IT staff who can take care or advise the proper setup of the infrastructure. That is why we are here to help you to solve your problem, by translating your business requirements into solution!

Server Infrastructure

Need help on Microsoft server software like Active Directory? Trying to reduce the use of Microsoft servers due to the high cost of licensing? Here we come to help!

Network Infrastructure

Local wired or wireless network? Firewall or VPN? No problem! We are here to provide the best solution for you with the optimal network design that suits your business!

Virtualization Infrastructure

Still runs multiple physical servers for 24/7 and under-utilizing them? Consolidate them with virtualization technology to save space, power, as well as your money!

Backup Infrastructure

Been running years of business without any backup plan? The years of data could be in risk when hardware becomes faulty, hackers, or virus like Ransomware!