List of Hosting Services Offered

Private Cloud Hosting

Want to build a system, but not intending to buy hardware? No problem! You can selectively purchase resources that you need, and increase the resource by the time you need it! By doing private cloud hosting, you can now lower down your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and focus more on your own product instead!

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On-Premises Hosting

Need a scalable and high availability server infrastructure, but don't want to put the data out at the Internet? It is possible to host your own servers in your local office network, create and delete whenever you need or don't need! Flexibility, scalability and security are what you can get from on-premises hosting!

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Managed Backup Hosting

When is your last backup for your system or PC? Do you know how much would it cost to get back your files when it got hit by virus, like Ransomware? Think twice again if you not planning to do any backups!

With Backup Hosting, it is not that difficult anymore to protect your business data from any hardware failure, hackers, or virus! Simply subscribe and get the backup done automatically without even you noticing!

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